Online Games Which are banned by Indian Government

Games is one of the best way to engage yourself when you have extra time. After the smartphone mobile industry revolution, one industry also grown in same way that is games industry. Online games or app based industry are one of the fasted industry in many country including India. There are many people who play games and pass their time. This multi billion dollar business which is spread across the various countries and many thousands people are working in that. Day by day game industry is growing faster and bigger. As you know that indian digital era has started in recent years so the game industry also taking shape in each corner of society.

Each industry has some pros and cons so games industry also has its own concern which is some time good for society as well as bad for society. There are many game which is not made according to countries society as well as culture.

So people oppose that game in particular country. Some games made for just provoking man for suicide, self killing and play with peoples emotion so government banned games. These type of games are really bad for all countries so we should condemn and every one want to ban of that.

Many games are banned by the Indian government as well as Indian judiciary so you should also know the reason behind that and safe your child form that. The list of all such games are going to give in below if you heard these games name first time then don’t try to paly or even you will not fine in on internet.

List of Five Such games which banned by Indian Government

#1 Pokémon Go

Pokeman go is one of the famous games which is based on Japaneses theme but it is ban on india due to its conflict of graphics of indian temple. Some images of indian temple are shown as egges so people opposed that and due to that government has banned this in india.
#2 Dragon Age Inquisition

It si alos agood game some of my friends has played but many people has complained about this game so after checking all concern of people government has banned this game and you will not get that game in Indian internet system.
#3 Featured Post Overwatch

In this game one corrector are violating the hindu scripts that is  “Symmetra”. Its looks like “Maa Kali”  which is unacceptable for many people so government has not allowed this game in India.
#4 Smite

In this game all the corrector are designed based on the Indian god and goddess so it is violating and hurting Hindu sentiment so people has opposed and indian government has removed this game from internet.
#5 Blue Whales

In recent time indian government has banned on “Blue whales” games because that is provoking the people for self killing there are many incidents happened where boys killing self so government has given order to all app store and other platform to remove the blue whales game. So that now one will download that games.

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