Tubidy is one of the biggest mp3 and music video download websites on the web. It's very popular in south africa and mostly used from mobile devices. The whole site is optimized for mobile using. Tubidy.mobi is fighting against google penalties, because of that you will not find any doorway pages and direct download sites in the google results. Tubidy is clearly offering copyright protected work.

Tubidy is no longer reaching his goals, so another tubidy mp3 download site is opening it's doors. It takes the same name but a completely different concept. The website user can search for videos and music downloads, easily by typing the music or video title into the big search input field on the homepage. Tubidy MP3 will then search for the video or music on different sources.

What the new Tubidy MP3 Offering:
  • Solid MP3/MP4 search engine
  • MP3/MP4 Downloads through partner services
  • Multiple sharing methods

Tubidy MP3 is one of the strongest music and video download search engines we've ever seen. The usability was planed from the first step to the download. We just can recommend this site to all old tubidy user.

Screenshot of Tubidy MP3tubidymp3